[CR]passing the hat for Morgan Fletcher

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Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 23:29:41 -0700
From: Bob Freitas <freitas1@pacbell.net>
To: CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]passing the hat for Morgan Fletcher

CR listers I have just returned from a short business trip and while catching up with CR postings I came across Morgans post about selling some of his bicycles so he can go to a bike race in Canada (eH?) For recent arrivals to the CR list I would like to point out that Morgan is the host and creator of the Wooljersey website which is a big part of what goes on here (or is that 'out here' as in out here on the internet?) As I recall Aldo Ross' Pictures of the Day were about to become homeless and Morgan generously offered to host them on his website, he subsequently offered to host others photos (my own Nitrobobs folder was started at the end of 2004) over the past few years Morgan has offered a home to many of our photos of our bikes and events (and Yes ,even some of my vacation pics !) This would be a good time to pass the hat for back rent, N/C technical support (I couldnt have been the only one with dumb questions) or simply , your viewing pleasure. Maybe in exchange he could wear a wool jersey for US?

I just happen to know his Paypal account "morgan@hahaha.org"

                     late Sunday night in MILL VALLEY, CA USA