[CR]Road trips, Roval wheelsets / Move is complete

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From: corpuz family <corpuzfamily@hotmail.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 15:35:02 -0700
Subject: [CR]Road trips, Roval wheelsets / Move is complete

Hi guys!

The move for Cafe de Velo is complete, we are out of Santa Barbara! Really sucks, with our NEW lease our landlord was trying to nip us for a 20% incre ase! Nuts!.....For a rundown old building. Reading that with FLOOD water ru nning through our feet, we said laterdays....... We hope this is it, after Holland, Santa Barbara we plan to stay here in Santa Paula, CA, beautiful 1 0,000 sqft historic building. Cecile and myself completed this move mostly by ourselves, 14 truck loads 7 X 17s and 7 X 24ft trucks....Nuts! Nuts! Nut s!

We'll be opening our doors this coming Saturday May 10th 12:00 to 5:00, so everyone is invited to drop in for a visit. We were to open June 28th but o ur plans have changed. We're back to Holland for a container worth of goods , we're shutting down half of this warehouse>>>>>>>and there will be anothe r container arriving here as well, just not sure......when? One way or anot her we'll be receiving 2 X 40ft containers.....Santa Paula location is much bigger than Santa Barbara.

Road trips offer!

We just located another 4 sets of 700c Clincher ROVAL ROAD wheelsets 30 hol e front/36 hole rear, read end spacing 126mm, we are offering 2 sets to the list. RIMS WILL BE POLISHED / hubsets Wheelsets to be received will be via bulk packed. Hub will have no QRs. To be received 1 hubset / 30-36 hole ri ms / 66 spokes total plus 2 X spares of each size and enough nipples spacer s and washers to build the wheels. We also provide the spare nipples / hard ware for the spare spokes as well........All items are still NEW!

$ 275.00 per set, plus S/H Priority mail $ 25.00 Spare rims are available as well 30 / 36 when purchased with wheelset $ 75. 00 pp. / others $ 100.00 pp. Package deal with spare rims $ 350.00 S/H will remain @ $ 25.00. Californian customers, no sales tax we'll cover this cos t. All items will be in Excellent condition.

Roval track 24/24 tubular 700c wheelsets we now have more and we need to mo ve them out / rims will be polished - hubsets will be polished. Item to be received will be bulk packed, rear hub will be complete with lock ring and axle nuts. We'll also provide 2 spare spokes and nipples of each spoke size . $ 225.00 plus S/H Priority mail $ 25.00.

Since we are so busy, emails may take longer for a response so if intereste d I can be reached direct by cell phone @ ( 805 ) 284-7297. For other quest ions I can be reached here as well 7 days per week.

BC Baron C...........And the original GANG! Santa Paula Ca. (805) 284 7297