Re: [CR] Frame ID help wanted

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Subject: Re: [CR] Frame ID help wanted
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 15:04:36 +0000

My guess would be that it is a 1937 something, but I can't guesstimate much more than that. I hope Jeff Groman or Joe B-Z chimes in. Likely an American frame, but could be British as well, as you stated. The seat stay joinery looks very clean for a circa 1937 frame. I've seen way messier jobs there. As I understand it, the BSA components, lugs, shell, and crown were available as a 'kit' back then, so an awful lot of circa 1930s track bikes were built with the BSA conjunctions and components.... What diameter is the seatpost? That's new enough (if it is from 1937) to be made of 531 tubing. Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 17:59:33 -0700 From: "CyclArt Shop" <> To: "C R List" <> Subject: [CR] Frame ID help wanted

A friend has asked us for help trying to figure out who built this track frame. Please venture your best guesses. Bike is in as-received condition. Pretty large photos are here:

It looks American or English, from the twenties or thirties. It has BSA lugs and pencil seatstays. The inside crimps on the chainstays are very long, extending more than halfway to the ends. The bottom bracket shell has an enlarged left flange for lockring support. Dropouts are centered in the round fork blades. Rear-facing track ends are blended into the stays.

It has been repainted in thick black with a couple of small accents on the fork crown. At some time the saddle and tires were replaced, and the wingnuts added to the front axle. Plastic pump peg is definitely original though ;)

It has the number 3771288 stamped both on the bottom bracket shell and the back of the fork crown. It could be a serial number, but it seems long. Maybe it's just a phone number? (Perhaps you could try ringing it in your area code....)

We have no idea whether any components are original, but we suspect the following could be: Williams cranks and ring stamped "Z" (1937.) Chain is Renold. Hubs are Schwinn 3-piece super high flange, with the center section painted black (probably at the time the frame was.) Headclip says "Made in England", no other markings. Steel handlebar and stem have no visible markings. Major Taylor-type stem has an indexing ridge on the bottom of the extension. Rims are unmarked wood, with a distinctive V-section and widely offset spoke holes (Wheels recently re-spoked with WS stainless.) Pedals have no name, but do have a REG. NO 706565 on the dustcap next to the oil hole. All brightwork is chrome-plated, except for the pedals, which are nickeled.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Greg Reiche
Vista, CA USA