Re: [CR] Nice japanese cycles

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From: "Richard Timm" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Nice japanese cycles
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 03:03:30 +0200

Hello Chuck,
> I have a circa 1975 Kuwahara (so it is on topic)

Would like to see pictures of course :)

I had several 90ies Kuwaharas. They are completely offtopic as not old enough and not really lightweight. Loved them as they were a good base for setting up either a very good randonneur or a interesting speedbike for cross.

That these japanese frames does work well with Campagnolo parts can be shown here: This is the cycle of a friend of course, as I'm not a fan of Campagnolo... :)

A cycle like that weights about 21 pounds but it is reliable and stable so... made from fine Ishiwata Exo tubes (quattruple butted), the sixtuble paint is handmade so every cycle has it's unique pattern. Tange headset and fork. Prepared for full randonneur equipment including low riders.

One like this will sell on ebay for about 100 $ for a complete bike in good condition, I guess. There are not much people out there that like the wonderfull paint job. Even this simple bike has a Kuwahara engraving at the seatstays and some of the parts- seat post, saddle, stem- were all marked Kuwahara. Original gruppo was a complete Shimano LX with Biopace.

best regards, Richard

Richard Timm
Hamburg, Germany