[CR]FS: 1987 De Rosa with C-Record, KOF

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Date: Fri, 02 May 2008 13:36:54 -0700
From: Morgan Fletcher <morgan@hahaha.org>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]FS: 1987 De Rosa with C-Record, KOF

I'm starting to thin my collection. I'm going to race the TransRockies mountain bike stage race in Canada in August, and need plane fare, entry fee and some mountain bike money. We're living on one income at the moment so it's catch-and-release for me. :)

Here's the first one, cleared with Dale first because it's post-1983 but KOF.

It's a circa 1987 De Rosa SLX, painted Sammontana Blue with 60cm c-c seat tube and 58.5cm c-c top tube, running full C-Record. It is currently set up with clinchers but I have an identical wheelset built with hard-anodized Campagnolo tubulars (the original wheels that came with it) that I can sell for extra, or swap. I also have a size 5 Alfa-Romeo / De Rosa jersey (red) and shorts that I can sell with it for a little extra. I think I also have a size 5 LS blue Alfa Romeo / De Rosa jersey too. I bought the bike from a guy in Florida who had two, just like each other but for size. (one for him and one for his girlfriend) He told me he bought them from the director of a northeast pro team, he didn't tell me which one. You can gather who I thought it might have been, and I've done some research in that area but nothing conclusive. The bike has no serial number. I emailed De Rosa about it and Cristiano De Rosa emailed me back, saying it was probably a team bike built in 1987. It got some paint damage in shipment from Florida to California, the worst being on the non-drive-side downtube. It was also missing some parts, but I've replaced those with NOS. It's been ridden by me and it's quite nice to ride, in spite of its heft. It's not a lightweight, but it's solid and... well it has a Cadillac ride. Can't think of a better term. Smooth, good for riding all day, stiff, neutral handling, bombs descents.

Here's pics:


Click the Full-size pics to see them in higher resolution.

I'm asking $1400 for the bike, clothes and extra wheels available at extra cost. Paypal is accepted and shipping to any CR member in the USA is at actual cost. I will package it as best as I can. I did speak with an illustrious frame builder / painter who lives near me, and he and I did talk about having the frame refinished. He could get the right decals. If you'd like me to transport it to him for refinishing, let me know.

I will soon be selling a CA Masi 1974 MC62 and the Famcucine team Moser ridden by Gregor Braun, both 60cm c-c. Need to take pics.

Morgan Fletcher
Oakland, CA