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Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 17:55:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: re;[CR]Shipping items to Italy=Woes

With regular post traffic to and from, registered is reliable. Holidays can delay things. 9 to 20 days for small items, either direction. The next tier up is air mail though costly, bullet proof and fast. A few industry friends in IT won\u2019t ship any other way. I did have a few frames come by way of Yack, via base postage non registered and it took 8-10 weeks.

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have you Ebay sellers had problems?? I know I see it often on Ebay sellers state "Will not ship to Italy", and in the past few months I have found it taking a really long time for packages to arrive. And a friend sent some BSA track hubs that took about 2 months to arrive?? It has so far been cool, because I have really good feedback and customers have been patient, but I had someone file a complaint with Paypal and Ebay over a Nuovo Record chainring that never arrived. All my items I sell are of course on Topic and most people would think it is crazy the amount of items I ship to Italy that originally came from Italy, same goes for the British stuff I sell, ending back in the UK. Any help?? or should I just state I will not sell to Italy? For the amount that I ship there, it is not worth the negative feedback. I have even sent items to Indonesia and brazil and Columbia without a problem.

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