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Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 07:50:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]My Motobecane Trophy WTB Atom 700 pedal parts
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I think you are correct that this was a European model not sold in USA, at least I've never seen this one, not even in a catalog. Are all the components original? Interesting mix of French and Japanese components. I presume this was a club racer a couple of steps down from the top of line. The Titlist derailleurs were, AFAIK, mechanically identical to original Dura-Ace, just not as highly finished, and were no doubt much less expensive than the Campy NR on the Grand Record, although they probably shifted better. Grand Compe brakes might have saved a little money versus the Weinmann CP's on the Grand Record. And the Stronglight 49D by the mid to late 70's when this bike was made had been pushed down to a lower price point with the mod 93 then the 105 occupying the top spot. I also note that the hubs are Normandy Sport, rather than the top of line Normandy Competition. But overall, assuming this is original, it was an excellent example of how to reduce cost without giving up anything on function, or probably weight either.

Oddly, even though this bike has less expensive components than the Grand Record, its frame is 531 DB throughout, whereas the Grand Record, if one believes the decals, had 531 DB main tubes and forks but some other tubing for the rear stays. I've never understood why Motobecane made such a bizzare decision in specing the Grand Record frame. Now the GR stays were probaby Vitus, which may have been every bit as good as 531, but in terms of marketing, the prestige of advertising a full 531 DB frame should have easily justified the small cost of using 531 stays on a frame that was already all 531 DB otherwise.

BTW, to drift to a different topic, I just noticed yesterday that the Schwinn Approved Normandy hubs on my 1973 (I checked the serial # yesterday also) Schwinn Sports Tourer are Normandy Competitions, rather than Normandy Sport as I assumed. You can always tell the two apart as the Competitions had flanges that were thicker in the section surrounding the spoke hole, while the Sports, like those on this Motobecane, had a uniform flange thickness. Does anyone know if the Super Sport, the other fillet-brazed Schwinn model in the early 70's, used Competition hubs as well? I'm guessing the Super Sport, which was less expensive than the Sports Tourer, probably used the lower cost Normandy Sport, but then I had expected the Sports Tourer to use Sport hubs as well.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Texas, USA

Schmid <> wrote: Fellow Listmembers, I just posted some pics of my 1975 (i guess) Motobecane on my Wooljersey site. I worked on the bike yesterday lubing and cleaning everything, it will come out really nice. The bike seems to be alot like the Grand Record model as sold in the US, but my guess is that this model was never available abroad. I am amazed by the quality of the original paintwork and how it withstood the years. It polished up really well. When taking apart the pedals I found out that the cones of the Maillard Atom 700 pedals are shot. Everything else is fine. So if anybody on this list has one of these parts or complete pedals, please offer them for sale or trade, I have some stuff available for trade. It is a tiny conus which goes to the spindle of the pedal when you remove the dust cap.

Pictures of the bike are here:

Also If anybody had a headtube badge for the bike it would be nice to get.


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