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Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 23:35:19 +0100
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Hi Craig,

Long time since we've spoken. The Flying Scot Website is now back up and running again at - though it's pretty well as it was two years ago at the last update. - needless to say I'll have a few revisions to do now!

I'll appeal to anyone in the group who had sent me photographs in the past for the site and failed to see them appear, to send them again, and to anyone whose acquired a Flying Scot in the last couple of years to do likewise - send whatever you can - images in the highest resolution you can manage, and include the frame number - it helps me sort where they are in the whole scheme of things!

Apologies again to anyone whose already done this. Don't worry I'll make sure they are posted on the site this time.

For anyone else who has not seen the site before, dive in. You may find the odd dead link or three, as I've yet to verify everything is back to normal however it's currently "work-in-progress".

Bob Reid Stonehaven Scotland

p.s Craig - I took me two years of rehab to be able to look at the site again!

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Thank you Bob. I feel like a drug addict who knows his shipment is coming in soon.

Craig in Tucson