[CR]Cirque and the bikes I am bringing.. (Apology)

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Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 11:44:33 -0400
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Subject: [CR]Cirque and the bikes I am bringing.. (Apology)

Folks, I realized (and was reminded by a list member) that yesterady I mentioned stuff I was bringing to the Cirque and part of which was to be for sale, but did not list a price.. against CR rules!...

Sooo, prompted by the need to think a bit deeper about this,?I analysed the bikes I thought I would sell, and decided that actually I do not want to part with them at all (!), but instead I will just?share them with Cirque goers as show pieces ...

I also? managed to squeeze in my 1972 Flema (first ever ti bike?) and another Silk hope McLean frameset for the scrutiny at the frame builder's forum...

See y'all at the Cirque soon!!


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Not much time before I leave so here are the sizes of the bikes and one link with 3 different bike photos. Not the best photos in the world but adequate. Not enought time to fool with settings and cleanup. Some of the photos got jumbled in the program. Shudderfly is not the best photo hosting program as it is not really quick or intuitive but it is what I chose for this.

San Rensho TT 56 ST 59 Look in the photo, there is a scratch on the top tube near the seat left side that was touched up poorly. Also seat post is not Dura Ace. Size 26.6 seat post and is labeled G.R.

MASI 56 square or 58 if measured Italian

Hetchens TT 58.5 or 23 in. ST 57.5 or 22.5 in.

Rickert 59 square

Bob Jackson TT 57 ST 60

No dings or dents just some normal scratches from use and age except the MASI which was not built up after refinishing. No pedals included.




Ray Homiski
Elizabeth, NJ USA