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Subject: Re: [CR]Ebay Outing : Amazing 1952 Schwinn Paramount
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 21:53:49 -0700

It's also not true that it's the first P with derailleurs. I have a foto of the US Olympic Team on board a ship going to the '48 London Games with Ted Smith of Buffalo riding a P on the rollers. He has a simplex TDF shifter on the bike. I would also suspect that Schwinn had some special order bikes made before that with derailleur mechanisms. The angle of the dropout is also rather "strong" That angle would seem to lend itself to very difficult adjustment without skipping under pressure and it doesn't seem to be correct for the dropout model. P's of those years usually came with Weinmann brakes. The crank has longer bolts to compensate for the " Doble Plateau" as the boys at Schwinn lovingly referred to the chainwheels. Think Keith Kingbay was the originator of the term here copying the euro word. I think the spindle is also longer, probably from a Superior or other DX tourer to compesate for chainline. allows for regular bike chainguard clearance but worked just right for thr
"P Doble".
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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>I have seen better pic. Rear dropouts are Simplex, but seem later than
> the early 1950s as claimed??? Serial number seems to work with his
> claim of early 1950s. should have disclaimer that components were
> updated later, Derailleurs, shifters, brakes and brake levers are
> early 1970s.
> joel ralph flood
> philadelphia, PA USA
> On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 8:05 PM, Robert Clair <> wrote:
>> ... what do we know. i wish there were better pixs, but those front
>> fork
>> ends are definitely period proper.
>> robert clair
>> alexandria, va 22308
>> usa
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>>> That new fangled derailleur looks suspiciously like a delrin Simplex
>>> to me, though it's hard to tell really in those tiny photos. The
>>> Racer brakes are obviously period incorrect too, so it looks like some
>>> parts have been swapped. The crankset at least looks like it could be
>>> original Paramount, though I can't recall ever seeing a Paramount
>>> crank with double rings.
>>> Kurt Sperry
>>> Bellingham, Washington
>>> USA
>>> On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 2:30 PM, <> wrote:
>>>> I think this is something special - probably the FIRST Schwinn
>>>> Paramount
>>>> factory equipped with one of those
>>>> new-fangled derailleurs (!)
>>>> Wow . . . and the original owner, no less.
>>>> Ebay Item number: 110259655102
>>>> Ends 6-12 P.M.
>>>> Anyone know who the owner is ?
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Mike Fabian
>>>> San Fran, USA