[CR]Varsity vs. Continental

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Subject: [CR]Varsity vs. Continental

Following this thread, I agree with Dale that the Varsity's Ashtabula fork is a "boat anchor." This is why some discerning buyers passed on the Varisty and went for the Continental--which had a tubular fork and also Weinmann centerpull brakes, as opposed to the Varsity's sidepulls. Maybe the higher speeds achieved on the Continental required better braking?!

I own a couple of Varsitys for nostalgia's sake and also a Continental and a Paramount. I recently upgraded the Continental by replacing its dual-thickness steel rims with period-correct Weinmann aluminum rims. The ride is actually pretty decent, although I still wouldn't care to do any long-distance or hilly touring on this particular model! Bottom line is...these bikes are known for their durability, not light weight or superior handling.

Stephen Bryne
In Sunny Fairfax, Calif., US of A