RE: [CR]1970s Super Mondia frameset, 531 Reynolds, 56cm

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Subject: RE: [CR]1970s Super Mondia frameset, 531 Reynolds, 56cm
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 22:31:00 -0500
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The short answer is "no" - internal cable routing would be extremely uncommon to find on a 1970's vintage Mondia. So much so, that the only way in which you would observe this feature on a Mondia from that decade would be in the instance whereby someone took the time and initiative to "do it themselves" as an aftermarket upgrade.

What the seller has here would be a 1983 to 1985 Mondia Special (...I cannot pin down an exact year due to the precious few and ever so small pictures offered - if I could get a good look at the fork crown or the right rear stay, I could probably give you an exact year). So, if one were to restate your question in a slightly altered form and ask whether internal cable routing was a common feature on 1980's Mondia bicycles, the qualified answer would be "perhaps" - inasmuch as this convention was adopted for model year 1983.

Actually, I am glad that you brought this matter to everyone's attention as I had inadvertently omitted this detail from my accounting found on the Mondia Production Timeline posted to WoolJersey: Tim eline.jpg.html?g2_imageViewsIndex=1

.. or ...

I have taken this opportunity to update it accordingly. As someone much wiser than I once noted, the curse of a perfectionist is to be human - which is to say, inherently imperfect.

Robert "only too human" Broderick ..the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota Sioux Falls, USA

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Cool internal cable routing. Anybody know if this is a common feature for 70's Super Mondias?

Matthew Bowne Brooklyn, New York


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> Here's a square deal if you like Swiss steel.






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