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From: Tom Harriman <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Recommendations for racks and panniers
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 18:50:16 +0000

Hi Jerry.I have been bike commuting in San Francisco for eighteen years, an d have few thoughts on this. Don't use cheap stuff. I see many people try
   this, only to discover that when cheap parts are put to the test on a dail y commutes, the problems quickly show up.Since your commuting remember that
   the bike will be out in public and the elements, and while a Nitto or Bruc e Gordon are fine looking items, they are also attractive to thief's. I ad vise something more common for weekday use, and the Bruce Gordon for the ni cer bikes.Over the years I have had good luck with JADD products. They are
   good values for the money, have held up well over the years, and getting a
   pannier that will fit a lad top won't be a problem.Bike commuting has help ed he allot over the years, from starting the day with some exercise, to be ing more connected to my community, I giving out allot of instructions to s trangers. I hope your commutes go as well.Any other questions feel free to
   email me. I know allot about this.Tom Harriman.San Francisco, Ca> Date: T ue, 17 Jun 2008 19:33:25 -0700> From:> To: classicr> Subject: [CR]Recommendations for racks and panniers
> > I'm looking to set up a couple of bikes for commuting, including a Schw inn World Voyageur and a Schwinn Sports Tourer. I live only about two mile s from work, and this town is only about 25,000, so I feel I really should be using a bike for around town transportation, not just rides on the weeke nd. As I mentioned a week or two ago, I'm looking for rear racks which can
   be mounted to the brake center bolt, so I don't have to clamp anything to the stays. I did obtain a Blackburn of this tyep from a list member, but I 'm still interested if any of the high quality chromed steel or stainless r acks like Nitto, Tubus or Berthoud can be mounted to the brake bolt.> >
    Also, for commuting I need to carry a medium size laptop and a briefcase,
   although the briefcase might be optional. What size panniers, in litres, should I look for?> > Finally, what are the best sources for high qual ity rear racks and paniers? I know VeloOrange, Wallingford and Rivendell.
   Anyone else specialize in this type of gear?> > Regards,> > Jerr y moos> Big Spring, Texas, USA> > > > > > > --- StripMime Report
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