Re: [CR]Saddle timeline: esp. 1975 and 1982

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From: Robb Romans <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Saddle timeline: esp. 1975 and 1982
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 14:25:05 -0500
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On Wednesday 25 June 2008, Simon P-J wrote:
> I'd be grateful for pointers towards any online timelines for
> saddles.
> Or, suggestions for the range of appropriate saddles for the
> following:
> 1975 Eisentraut Limited
> 1982 Shimano Dura Ace AX bike - What else other than Kashimax or
> Concor would be right for this?
> And... probably off-topic - what date were the Selle San Marco Rolls
> and/or the Girardi Regal introduced?

I would be interested in these answers, as well as a timeline for the Selle Italia Turbo. Sorry if that one is OT? Thanks.

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