[CR] For Sale: Stronglight 49D w/ TA Rings and Mafac Criterium brake ensemble

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Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 12:18:14 -0800
From: "William Morgan Hsu" <willumhsu@gmail.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] For Sale: Stronglight 49D w/ TA Rings and Mafac Criterium brake ensemble

Hi Everyone,

This is actually my first ever CR list post...so bear with me! I have two things for sale today:

1) Stronglight 49D crankarms with TA Specialites chainrings.

The arms in a great condition with blemishes from age. The rings are 46 and 33 teeth. Arms are silver, 170mm in length and have 9/16 - 20 pedal threading. I've included pictures with a set of bike parts for sale in my flickr below and both the cranks and the brakes will be in there. I originally wanted to save these for a potential Ebisu all-arounder, but I don't foresee another new bike anytime soon so I am passing them on.

I am asking $150 shipped (ConUS) and shipping charges will be more if you live beyond the Continental US.

2) Mafac Criterium Brake ensemble (the short ones)

Everything is in good condition. The ensemble comes with brake levers, front and rear brake cable hangers, springs, mounting bolts for the canti arms, two straddle cables and two straddle cable hangers. Read carefully here though - the brakeset is missing one left spring and comes with an extra right spring, so there are still 4 springs total, but you'd have to find another spring for the left side. This is just the way they came to me.

I got these a while back off ebay.fr and I tried mounting them on my XO-1 and the cantilever studs on my XO were too girthy to accommodate these brakes and I didn't really feel like sanding them down. I never ended up using these.

I am asking $55 shipped withing the Continental US for these and more for shipping if you live beyond the Continental US.

Pictures to items for sale: http://www.flickr.com/photos/williamhsu/sets/72157611122114901/

I stand behind the quality of both items and I think you will be satisfied. I will offer full refund if it turns out that they don't meet your standards. Please contact me off list if you are interested or have any questions. Thank you.

William Morgan Hsu,
Oakland, CA USA