[CR] Photo- and link-posting "best practices" list/instructions for CR users

(Example: Framebuilders:Bernard Carré)

To: Dale Brown <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
From: "Jon Spangler" <hudsonspangler@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 15:39:53 -0800
Subject: [CR] Photo- and link-posting "best practices" list/instructions for CR users

Dear listers,

It occurs to me that a set of "best practices" and/or instructions for posting photos on a Web site (flickr, yellow jersey, etc.), as well as listing ebay and other "for sale" items, may be helpful to new and not-so-new members. I am willing to compile these "instructions" and have obtained Dale's permission to proceed.

The goal here is to make the photo-sharing process as simple and accessible as possible, even for someone who has never done so before. This should clear up our limited "bandwidth" for those entertaining discussions of Beryl Burton's bikes, how to stop, and whether or not ebay item X is really a 1971 Cinelli/DeRosa/Schwinn Varsity (or not).

If you have specific recommendations as to seller- and buyer/viewer- friendly photo sites, step-by-step instructions for the inexperienced list or computer users amongst us, using tinyurls, and other "helpful hints," would you please send them to me off-list? I am also looking for list members willing to collaborate on this project with me. Again, contact me off-list if interested.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Jon Spangler Alameda, California USA

E: hudsonspangler@earthlink.net