[CR] Legnano Restoration Questions

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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 16:58:25 +0000
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Subject: [CR] Legnano Restoration Questions

Hello Fellow List Members,

I am a relative newbie to the list and I am not the most techno savvy person so please bear with me.

I am trying to learn more about a Legnano pista frame and fork that I have enclosed the following pictures .


The serial number on the bottom bracket reads 6 1 3 0 R

The frame has pista geometry and both a fork brake mounting hole and a rear a brake bridge !

I am looking for help in identifying the Model Name and the Year this may have been built . Based on the lack of a metal head badge and the seat binder bolt location my best guess is in the late sixties ?

Can anyone on the list help me specify the year based on the serial number ?

I did some research in the archives and there was some discussion about the same model that was on ebay about a year ago . That bike was the only other have example of this style I have ever seen. Has anyone ever seen this Model or know more about it ?

My history with this bike goes back to when I was starting to race at the age of twelve back in 1972 at the velodrome in Detroit . I didn't have a bike to race on and was riding a borrowed bike that was too small for me. Lucky for me a very kind hearted Belgian bike supporter ( I am Belgian as well and was riding for the Belgian " Cadieux Bicycle Club " that is still going strong today ! ) was watching and offered up this frame and fork for me to ride. The old Belgian let me buy it at a very low price even for that era. He knew we didn't have alot of money .

I will never forget that incredibly kind act of that old Belgian gentleman and I remember him and that kind spirit every time I think of that bike !

I have tried to promote racing / cycling especially for juniors and young riders as a way to continue that spirit as a way to pay respect to the old Belgian and the sport ever since.

Now I am trying to restore this frame and I would like to get the expert opinions of the framebuilders / painters / restorers on this vastly knowledgeable list. I would like to know if this frame should be painted due to the rust on the down tube, bottom bracket, and other areas ? I am concerned due to the thin walls of the Reynolds 531 tubing that this will cause major damage soon. Also I am debating if I should do a rechrome on the fork , head tube lugs , and rear drop outs due to some wear or should I leave that as a sign of patina. I don't want to over restore but I don't want to paint it and then realize I should have done it before I got it painted.

I would appreciate any suggestions and opinions on this as I am rather overwhelmed by sentiment to get this restoration right the first time!

I am going to use the original headset ( Campy NR Pista ) and upgrade the Crankset to Campy NR 151 bcd 1/8 reinforced chainring from the old heavy steel Stronglight pista crankset that was on it.

Everything else will be Campy NR Pista as well . I am going to use the original Fiame red label ( oval stickers ) 36 h rims with NR high flange Pista hubs. I have not decided on what tubulars to use, any suggestions that are resonable priced ?

I will use two different set ups for the handlebar stem combos. One will be the original Cinelli stem ( as pictured ) that came with the bike when I got it and a Cinelli pista steel handlebar and the other set up will be a ttt record stem with a criterium handlebar that I used to race with because it fit me better. I will do the same dual set up with seatpost and seat . One seat / post combo will be Cinelli ( Unicantor seat w/ Campy Seat Post) the other will be a ttt seat and post. I have used both set ups over the years and thought both would be true to the bikes heritage and would create a different look by easily swapping out the parts.

Thank you ahead of time for any help you can offer ,

Philip Huyghe Rochester , Michigan USA Owner of Vintage Legnano, Gios Torino, Peugeot, Eddy Merckx ...ect.