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Peters Bits, WOW! what an opportunity for a group? of CR members to get to gether and go in the bike bits buz. have a lock on the market for once, Cheers John Crump OldlovebikebitsBrit. Parker. Co USA


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1. Twin Cities, MN Bike Swap Sun Feb 8th (scott davis) 2. Re: [BOB] Annapolis events (Tom Martin) 3. German language post: Sorry! (tobit linke) 4. Looks like Pete Paine (Oldcyclebits) is closing shop!? (Dr. Paul Williams) 5. Legnano Restoration Questions ( 6. 1940s Taurus city bike (Dale Brown) 7. I'm looking for a very experienced and meticulous wheel builder near Chicago--Please Help (Manfred Hegwer) 8. Re: Classicrendezvous Digest, Vol 74, Issue 1 (


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The Twin Cities bike swap is next Sunday at the Blaine Track. Here is the link for more details:

Scott Davis St. Anthony, MN USA


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Hi David:

I don't know too much about the DC randonneurs. I don't have access to their list and there is nothing on their site on this ride. It's an unofficial social ride I think. A DCR member contacted me a few months ago to arrange a weekend trip to Velo Orange as we are normally closed on Saturday and Sunday. They plan to be there between 11 and 1pm on saturday Feb 7.

The Annpolis Pillage is an impromptu (and hopefully annual) ride hastily organized by some DC messenger/bike polo/ bike activist types. I know less about this ride as it has never happened before, and do not know what to expect. We meet 7pm at the Ramshead Tavern basement on West St in Annapolis. I've met and corresponded with a few of the Pillagers through Velo Orange and some random events I've been to in the last couple months.

I'm posting this to the ibob and CR lists as it may be helpful if others are interested.


Tom Martin

On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 9:28 AM, Dave Johnston <> wrote:
> Can I get more info on these two events?
> -David Johnston
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: [BOB] Westminster MD swap Feb 8. <
> >
> That's going to be a busy weekend. The DC randonneurs will be making a
> stopover at Velo Orange HQ Saturday Feb 7, weather permitting. And there's
> the 'Annapolis Pillage', a nocturnal cyclo-exploration of Naptown and
> Eastport starting at 7pm that same night, also weather permitting.
> Tom Martin
> Annapolis MD USA