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From: Kai Hilbertz <>
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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 23:28:43 +0100
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Subject: Re: [CR] CR rider "Q"

Feb. 9, 09

Hello John and List,

your post brings up an interesting question. Eight days ago on Feb. 1st, Jerry Moos postulated, "If it's lugged and steel, it should be KOF". To this, Dale replied "Yes".

Could that mean that your Schwinn Traveller is on topic, not off? Or does this rule of thumb only cover high end bikes, and not the Schwinn? Furthermore, doesn't that mean that while the Surly's TIG- welded frame is off topic, its fork (investment cast crown with cut- outs brazed to curved 4130 steel fork blades) is on topic?


Kai Hilbertz Munich, Germany

On 09.02.2009, at 17:33, John Barry wrote:
> I'll take the bait Ted. This is probably less "scientific" than
> what you had hoped for, but my life's too short to wait for me to
> get around to conducting anything like a proper experiment. What,
> me procrastinate? ;)
> There are certainly others who have ridden many, many more bicycles
> than I have, but I like to think that I ride fast enough to be a bit
> demanding, but not so fast that I don't have time to be distracted
> by how the bicycle feels to me.
> Riding a full CF wonder-bike. No experience.
> Aluminum frame with carbon fork: The LBS had a Cannondale Six demo
> in my size, and they let me take it for a spin about 18 months ago.
> It was crazy light, and it felt very fast. On smooth pavement, it
> was an absolute joy. Unfortunately, the enjoyable cycling routes in
> these parts contain only the odd stretch of perfectly smooth
> pavement. When riding on chip sealed pavement (and not the freshly
> done stuff either), there was quite a bit more "chatter" in the
> handlebars than I was accustomed to, and it wasn't the sort of
> stimulation I found enjoyable. Truthfully, I can't say with
> certainty whether to blame the frame, the wheels or the tire
> pressure for the complimentary arm and shoulder massage, but I
> didn't see much point in borrowing $6,000 to do some more in-depth
> experimentation.
> True temper Chrome Moly: I have a slightly OT Schwinn traveler
> that's set up as a fixed gear, and a more OT Surly Long Haul trucker
> that I use as a mile eater, ...
> Conclusions? Can only state the obvious. Perception is my
> reality. :)
> John (leaving MTB experiences out of the mix) Barry
> Mechanicsburg, PA, USA