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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 21:15:50 -0500
From: <crumpy6204@aol.com>
Subject: [CR] The long and short(en) of it

I have my 1954 Hetcins Curly (NO TAKERS ON LIST OR EBAY).?that is a 22 1/2"
   frame size. I ride and all my other bikes are 21" or 21 1/2" frame. Riding
   the Hecth is dooable but the stanover height makes me sing soprano in the church choir. SO I could take a hacksaw and cut out?a INCH? or so ,superglu e or Gorilla glue (stuff is good!) to gether again BUT I just dont think it
   would look right. Has anyone ever shorthened OR lengthened a frame? I know
   this has been done, Now my Hetch has the fancy schmanchy lugs, "Over the t op, as HILARY says,(Of course, when he does not have one to flog)? So I sup pose that the whole thing would have to be?undone, shortened and put back t o gether again With the market as it is, trying to sell and replace with an other Mag Opus #2 in a smaller size,is not possible, I do love the bike, ev en though I dont think the curly stays add ANYTHING apart from looks and th e inflated prices that Hetchins Pete established for this make. Kinda like? some other French bikes,?would you ride a coffin or a sewing machine? (if y ou get my drift)..Anyone have any suggestions or imput, Frame buiilders who
   would do this?,Bryan Bayliss is way to busy. Right Bryan! anyone else?come
   to mind? I could.hang it up in the garage.let the mice nest in the saddle bag?or make a flower pot out of it. or a coffee table, maybe a wall clock.( Curly clock hands)?I guess?! Give me some ideas.NO Goodwill is not one. Che ers John Crump OldwhattodoBrit. Parker, Co USA