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I sold these bikes back in the day, and Shogun was brought in a NewYork/NJ importer. Shogun was a private label bike built mostly by Miyata, Giant and Fuji HI factories. They where very good bikes in their day, better than most domestic offerings, and certainly heralded the demise of the likes of Ross, Schwinn, ect.

The bike you mention was pretty cool, coming with front and rear racks, 600EX DD cranks, Deore Der, Antler XT brakes IIRQ. Cool EX hubs and maybe a factory BB mounted generator (not 100% there, we may have added it) JIS headset, SG forks and stays DB main tubes IIRC. I did a custom build for a customer who was an MIT guy who knew Gary Klein with that bike as a starting basis, we brazed and re-welded DA cassettes for better gearing with less overlap. Rebuild with Mavic rims using the cool 600EX hubs that have the spoke offset, and other mods, pretty high tech back in the day.

Stuart Goldsmith was the New England salesman during that period for. I believe he now works for Ingersol/Rand (Kyrptonite locks) and may be able to answer your inquiry in more detail. Shogun was around for 6-7 years, and faded away....being a mostly east-coast bike.

Jack Stanwood Boston, Ma. USA

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Shogun info sought, OT- Shogun Touring bikes, Model 20 00, built aprox. '82. They are lugged butted steel, nicely finished, Factor y racks/fenders, Deore drivetrain with Dyna-Drive pedal system. I was told these were a "flash in the pan" and were not imported very long. Is there a webpage , of list member with Shogun info?

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