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There is also a movie called "Two Seconds" which I believe was made in the late '90s but maybe later. It's a Canadian movie about a woman MTB racer who is let go by her pro team after losing a downhill?race by two seconds (at the old Mammoth Mountain races). What is interesting to those of us here is that she goes to a bike shop to get her MTB fixed upon returning to home and it turns out to be run by an old Italian pro who?has an affinity for the past, including his vintage bike. It's actually pretty good (and subtly funny) to see the relationship develop between the shop owner and the girl and what eventually happens (and probably not what you are thinking!)?

And there is also "The 6-Day Bicycle Racer" with Joe E. Brown from the 30's. Great riding/racing and of course humor. Joe actually did much of his riding including scenes on the rollers and the boards. I had a very rough copy at one time but it eventually became unwatchable. I haven't seen a DVD or a good VHS copy yet,so if anyone knows of where to find (if aeven available) let me know.

Rex Gilmore
Vienna, VA?