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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 18:07:36 +0100
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Subject: Re: [CR] Flashlights for Bike Lighting

Jan. 13, 09

Hello List,

I'd suggest a modern LED flashlight with a classic shape, such as the

AA size LED Maglite in silver:

The best Maglite mount I know of is here:

For alternatives to mounting on the stem, Paul makes a doodad here:

Bruce Gorden makes a nice CNC "Tailight", more at: (scroll down)

For further mounts, suggestions etc., check out: (ugly tho)

Of course, no Maglite or other flashlight will give you the optimal beam of a modern bike-specific LED battery head light. I personally like the Busch & Müller Ixon IQ :

It's available in the US from Peter White:

The top of the page shows the older Ixon (without "IQ") in silver, the

Ixon IQ comes in black. To quote Peter:

"New in 2007, the Ixon IQ looks about the same as the Ixon, but has a

brighter beam. It uses the same AA NiMH batteries and charger, the same mounts, and is compatible with the Ride & Charge. See below for the Ride & Charge. As with the Ixon, you can leave the batteries in the Ixon IQ, and with its charger, charge the batteries just by plugging the charger into the bottom of the light, even while mounted

on the bike. Or, with the Ride & Charge, keep the batteries charged inside the Ixon IQ with a dynamo while you ride during the day.

5 hour run time at high power, 40 Lux 20 hour run time at low power, 10 Lux Ixon IQ without batteries or charger: $ 115.00 Ixon IQ with 4 AA NiMH batteries and charger: $ 147.00"

Even better would be a nice dynamo hub, such as the SON 20R. I've got

two of these, plus two SON 28's. But that topic's a whole 'nother can

o' worms.


Kai Hilbertz Munich, Germany

On 13.01.2009, at 16:00, Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:
> To raise a non-contraversial, if there is such a thing here, issue
> in connection with touring/randonneur bikes. Anyone know of
> currently available flashlights appropriate for use on such bikes?
> I asked Chris at Velo Orange when he would again have the
> flashlights he was selling a while back. His answer was that he
> does not currently expect to have them again. Evidently, the ones
> he was selling were made by small Japanese firms, and he tells me
> the deamnd is so strong in Japan, the the manufacturers have no
> interest in exporting to the US, as they can sell everything they
> make at home.
> Of course, in terms of producing light, most any flashlight will
> work, but one prefers something the will look elegant. I suppose
> many of us would define elegant in this instance as reminescent of
> the lights on French constructeur bikes before or shortly after
> WWII, although I must note that in the book (in French) Jan Heine is
> selling documenting the history of PBP, the photos from recent years
> show some competitors using flashlights that would strike most of us
> as distinctly un-classic.
> Surely there must be flashlights currently made in America, Europe
> or UK or in larger quanitity in Asia that would look suitable on a
> touring bike? Anyone have any suggestions?
> On a related issue, most flashlights, at least those available in
> USA, use C or D size batteries. I've come to prefer rechargeable
> batteries as a way to minimize the need to dispose of potentially
> hazardous materials, although even rechargeable batteries will
> eventually be discarded. Anyone know where to get the best prices
> on rechargeable C and D batteries and on chargers that will handle
> these sizes? I know such do exit, but they are not nearly as common
> as the AA and AAA size rechargeables that can now be purchased at
> most any drugstore or discount store.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Big Spring, Texas, USA