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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 22:19:41 -0500
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Call me all of the above....

I dated my 753 Team Champion 1977, because it appeared in several archive posts that MB only used the 753 tubing over a very very short time period in 1977. I did not base the date designation on any decaling or other detail

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 8:19 PM, Kai Hilbertz <>wrote:
> Comrades, rednecks, eurofags, guys and gals,
> I'm looking for scans of Motobecane Catalogs from the 70's up up into the
> 80's. The format, whether PDF, JPEG, or whatever else, wouldn't matter as
> long as the images were fairly large. I've currently found 5 years online;
> 1974-76, 1979 + 1984. These are all US catalogs except for the year 1975,
> which has both a US and a UK catalog. Catalogs 74-76 are from Bob Hanson, 79
> + 84 are from Equus Bicycle. I'd like to fill in the gaps 1977-78 and
> 1980-83, though of course any other years would be great as well. Do any
> List member have one of these missing years, either as catalogs or as spec
> sheets? If so, I'd appreciate any information you might be able to send me.
> Did Motobecane introduce the graduated horizontal striping pattern on the
> down- and seat tubes in 1977 or 1978? The 76 catalog doesn't have it yet,
> whereas 1979 sees the pattern's use on many frames including both the Le
> Champion and the Champion Team. Wooljersey has a Le Champion (Giacomo Gabus)
> without horizontal striping listed as 1977 here:
> But wooljersey also has a Champion Team (Sadiq Gill) with horizontal
> striping listed as 1977 here:
> Are both 77's (maybe they changed in mid-year), is one dated incorrectly,
> or can these and other changes not always be assigned a clear date?
> By 1984 the pattern had disappeared. With more catalogs, this question and
> others should be easy to pin down a bit better. If any of you have documents
> but can't do scans yourself, I'd pay normal postage to ship the item here,
> carefully scan it, and then return it immediately.
> Grateful for any infos...
> Kai Hilbertz
> Munich, Germany