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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 09:37:07 -0600
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From: John Hurley <JHurley@jdabrams.com>
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Subject: [CR] American Flyers

Bill Silverman wrote:

"I saw the movie once (& that was enough!) about 8 years ago while on a Bike Vermont tour. Excuse me while I barf. Lousy acting, gratuitous bxxb shot of the girlfriend, guys with brain aneurysms don't bleed out of the ear. Best thing about the movie was the bike, oh yeah, and Rae Dawn Chong's wheel change scene."

You're absolutely right, Bill. I bought a copy back in December from one of those Dollar stores, and couldn't even finish watching it. I've never been so embarrassed for my generation, and for the movie industry. And Kevin Costner. Dale, your comments were tongue-in-cheek, right?

I would think racing enthusiasts would be incensed that they co-opted Eddy Merckx' nickname "The Cannibal" for use by Costner's rival. Everything about the movie seemed artless and contrived. The only thing going for it was the youth and health and attractiveness of the actors, and the cool bikes. Rae Dawn's character was the most believable. The film was directed by John Badham. It's a cheap shot, but how's that for a name? Someday I'll have to lock myself in a room and watch the rest of it, in search of some redeeming quality that would account for why it is regarded so highly by some.

Anyone know any good films involving cycling?

John Hurley
Austin, Texas, USA