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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 09:25:13 -0800
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Hello Kurt, I am not absolutely sure that this frame is a Cinelli. I have compared the frame building characteristics with several from the mid 50s to the early 7 0s. The side profile of the headtube lug shore does not follow the line o f any of the Cinellis that I've seen. Its a subtle difference, but it bec omes very apparent when you study the profiles carefully. The bottom brac ket bridge is fillet brazed to the stays. I have never seen a Cinelli
   with this treatment- the bridge has always been supported. The headbadge l ooks like a repo to my eyes. The forkcrown race lacks a U shape releif fo und on virtually all Cinellis. And finally I see no serial number. I know t hat most Cinellis have serial numbers -  I know they make no sense, but
   all Cinellis that I have seen have something down there. In the very early
   days it was just the frame size, later it was Italian lottery numbers (ha! ). Question-- what is the seatpost diameter??   Yes, Cinelli did make s ome
   dogs, I owned one. Its not an issue when you're riding it though.   
   Regards, David Martinez, Fremont Ca US of A "taking care of my sick son to day".

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Any chance at all this is what it purports to be?  So many details look wrong: Fork crown, seat cluster, drop-out and fork end brazing, general quality of construction.  It says it's a repaint.

Did Cinelli quality ever actually plunge to this dismal level at any time in the '70s? Or any other time?

Kurt Sperry
Bellingham, Washington