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"The Pro was a Carlton design. I think it was first badged as Raleigh ( but with a couple of Carlton decals as well) in the mostly white 69/70 version . However, the original Carlton design did not have the Brampton fastback stays. "

Interesting. My Mark I has no Carlton decals or anything about it relati ng to Carlton. The US catalogue specifically mentions it was indeed built b y Carlton. And unlike the later Professionals that can be found in both th e Raleigh and Carlton catalogues as essentially the same model, there is absolutely nothing like the Mark I in the 1969 or 1970 Carlton catalogues I've seen. Carlton Pros of the this era already had the fastback stays, too, and always had copious amounts of chrome. The Mark I also features "bare wire" rear brake cable braze-ons which I don't think Carltons of the

era had although the review model in the March 1969 "Bicycling" article ha s top tube cable clips. So I am still uncertain as to the origins of the M ark I, why it indeed has German colours on it, Zeus drop-outs and EDA (which I've not heard of before) bb. It's, just well, intriguing and neat looki ng. Which I guess is why it found its way into my house.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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