[CR] 1948 Sieber Track Bike

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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 13:29:49 +0000
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Subject: [CR] 1948 Sieber Track Bike

Sorry that I couldn't respond to your question yesterday, but yes, that is the way the bike came. It also came with a 1/2 pitch chain ring which
   is stamped, Eisenmann, the importer for the bike. After yesterday's com ments I reviewed photos of other Sieber bikes on Wool Jersey. There is a
   picture of a Sieber that Ted Ernst sold last year which is identical to
   mine with regards to the chain ring/crank and paint scheme. Also there are some great pictures of E. Albert's bike which clearly shows a drille d fork crown and bridge and a 1/2 pitch chain ring. I believe that all of the Siebers used the drilled double plate fork cro wn on all of their bikes allowing the bike to be used on the track or fo r possible road use. On CR, in the Swiss builders section, Bob Graf has a Sieber with brakes on both wheels. There is also another Sieber with a
   drilled fork crown, but not the bridge. Now that I know the difference
   between a 1/2 vs 1" pitch chain ring, I have to find out what a block c hain is. Thanks for your interest. Jerry Jeter, Wildwood, MO USA