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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 06:51:30 -0800
From: "Fred Rednor" <>
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> I've enjoyed the threads on the what do I ride theme. > I'm surprised no one has ventured into the ride quality > difference > between the various materiels, or combos thereof. > That would seem to be right up our road or track as it > were. > Comparing similar model bikes of each in an objective manor > should be a great topic.


My "modern" bike is lightweight steel (Columbus EL, NOT oversized) with a carbon fiber fork. The frame was custom built by John Hollands of Baltimore. I can hardly believe I dare announcing to the CR list that I like the CF fork. I've crashed this bike and the frame needed repair, although the fork always emerged unscathed. Those repairs were not cheap, though: $500 for one incident, and about $200 for the other. Oh, the bike has indexed shifting.

Frankly, if I were doing serious road racing, I'd buy an all CF bike. Right now, my limited amount of racing is on the velodrome, or TTs I do on the track bike. For this purpose, my old steel Waterford is fine. And for this purpose, the wheels make the difference.

For touring, I prefer all steel - also with indexed shifting. I hope this isn't too much subtlety for the "true believers" on the CR list. :-)
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