[CR] John Crump's CF Christmas gift (welcome back!)

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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 18:54:33 -0800
Subject: [CR] John Crump's CF Christmas gift (welcome back!)

Dear John,

I, too, am thrilled to see you back with us with your wonderful comments.

1) I am not very flexible or coordinated (never was), and can only marginally throw my leg over the saddle after pushing off with my left foot, so I usually swing my right leg over the saddle before moving off on the bike, Lone ranger style. Never even considered hopping over the handlebars--especially before the advent of allen- head (and recessed) stem expander bolts!

2) I hope that you can have a frank and open discussion with your loving family about the CF bike. I cannot imagine any of them not wanting you to keep and ride only the bikes you love. They certainly meant well, and I am certain that you have honored their sincere effort to please you. But you, as the recipient of the gift, can do with it anything you want to. (Just be nice about it... :-)

Again, welcome back!

Jon Spangler your admirer in Alameda, CA USA

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> First, let me say a BIG THANK YOU to all that have wriiten, to
> welcome me?back into the fold.It makes an old guy feel very good.?
> NOW a poll. When dismounting or mountain your bike DO YOU?? Throw
> your leg (STILL attached to your body that is!) over the bars OR
> the saddle Or? I remember as a kid it was allways real gen to go
> over the bars, Track chaps seemed to do this, catching the bike,
> (SOMETIMES) with one hand and looking around for applause, Like,
> see what I did!? Cheers John Crump OldOKbacktosleepBrit. Parker, Co
> USA?