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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 06:30:39 -0800
From: Dave from Maine <>
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I bought nice clean Motobecane Grand Jubilee a few years ago that came wi th a blue/gray suede Motobecane saddle on it. I don't recall the year - it had a 6-speed Suntour gruppo.  I later sold it but still have the saddle - I put a white Rolls on it.  Wish I kept the Rolls. Dave Whitney Poland, Maine USA

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Listers and Listees,

So I see Kevin Krueger's post about the NOS Motobecane Competition saddle o n ebay and review the listing and pics on Saturday morning.? In the afterno on, I'm driving past a small bike shop in Powder Springs, Georgia, stop and go in, find a used parts bin with a bunch of ratty looking saddles and mis c. parts.? Dig down to the bottom and pull out a black, suede leather with perforations, Motobecane Professional saddle. In rather nice condition for residing at the bottom of a bin.? ? I quickly flashed the saddle up and off ered $10 to the owner who just as quickly accepted my offer and mumbled som ething about how he once had a Gitane.? Later, I examined the saddle and no tice it has no date stamped on the plastic underneath but looks a lot?like some of the Selle Italia models from the last 1970's.?? A private label mod el for Motobecane? Anybody know what Motobecane model these saddles where u sed with?? Let me know please.?

David Allen
Marietta, Georgia near the Big Chicken