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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 10:43:58 -0800
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I have an RH touring bike that has an identical frame that I purchased in 1963 for one of Dr. Graves European Tours along with about 30 other cyclists. The bike was equipped with steel-pinned cranks, Huret gearing and non-cantilever Mafac brakes. I believe this frame was RH's lower end touring frame. The bike is still in use today after a beautiful repaint job by Brian Baylis. It is one my best riders.


Howard M. La Grange
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> Subject: [CR] Herse on eBay UK
> It's indeed a RH, but a sore sight...
> Originally not a top model, it looks like it's had braze-ons cut off (in al
> l probablility Cyclo RD, dynamo lever, brakes, front derailleur)... Or at
> least I believe that's what's hidden under the awful paint, the photos don'
> t help much.
> But the little that is left is still quite distinguishable from a standard
> touring bike, check out for ex how fine the rear stays are. Lugwork is just
> OK, but definitely not of the best RH production.
> In this condition, not of much interest, although the stem alone is worth m
> ore than the sale price. Bike was possibly early 50s. Interesting to get th
> e serial number if anyone knows the buyer.
> Given the huge size, and the fact it is now in England, most probably an ex
> port model. Also making this likely the so/so quality, the French tend to k
> eep the best of their produce for themselves and export the second-rate. Li
> ke the plastic cheese (Gruyere, Emmental) goes to the US and the good smell
> y stuff stays at home.
> Alexander March

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