[CR] Vintage Treks vs PXs, Motobecanes & Gitanes

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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 15:18:34 -0800
From: Wayne Sulak <waynesulak@yahoo.com>
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Subject: [CR] Vintage Treks vs PXs, Motobecanes & Gitanes

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>If you want a "daily rider" that you will not have to worry about but
>that will handle well and be comfy all day, I'd suggest a Peugeot
>PX-10. They are commonly available, and can be ridden "as is" or
>modified to suit your taste (and inventory) in componentry, as they
>were often modified/upgraded with non-OEM parts, wheels, etc.
>TREKS are nice, too, but the PXs (or similar Motobecanes, Gitanes,
>etc.,) will feel more "lively" or "limber" and perhaps be more
>"forgiving" on all-day rides.

Opinions wanted! I have been converted from a off topic bike to a 1978 Trek TX700. I have discovered that I enjoy "limber" frame. How do others feel the above bikes compare to a 1970s Trek? If you feel that they have more flex - do you have opinion why this is the case?

Wayne Sulak
Fort Worth, TX