Re: [CR] KOF F/S 55cm Della Santa newvex lugs My response to crlist members

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Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 10:39:42 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] KOF F/S 55cm Della Santa newvex lugs My response to crlist members

I'm sorry I cannot recall any comments made that were anything remotely like personally disparaging (though I certainly could have missed them), merely some opinions on the aesthetics of a particular bicycle feature. I'd certainly hope we avoid both personal disparagement and misconstruing comments about inanimate objects as somehow personal in nature and instead keep the conversation on bicycles.

Kurt Sperry Bellingham, Washington USA

2009/9/1 ternst <>:
> I think the 'mature'  perpretators of the desultory comments should now be
> 'people' enuf to make a public apology for their wayward behaviour.
> We'll see if they recognize the error of their ways or have hardened their
> hearts like the Pharaoh of old.
> It would be nice to see Jimmy show his stature by staying on the list.
> The chop was on him not by him.
> When one makes blatant disparaging remarks it casts a shadow on this list
> and all of us.
> 'Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are', is a very old adage
> and still true today.
> If you don't like something that gets personal please keep it to yourself or
> discuss it in private.
> Then you can get hopefully some honest feedback that may affect your
> possible public utterances.
> It's always energizing to have contrary but civil and not insulting debate.
> Think about it.
> Ted Ernst
> Palos Verdes Estates
> CA   USA
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> members
> Well i have been around this group for sometime now and i must say i have a
> response to all that have bashed the Della Santa i am selling and that is i
> cant believe how RUDE some of you are. It really isnt because some of you
> bad mouthed what i have i can take any and all types of criticism but to do
> it while i was actively selling such item really gets me. Im glad the new
> owner of said bike doesnt subscribe to this list cause i dont think they
> would have liked all of the negative things some of you have stated about
> bike. At this point i dont think i will be on this list any longer. And i
> will apologize to Dale because i dont like talking badly about anyone but i
> think i needed to speak my mind about this. Also to my real friends on the
> list thanks for your kind thoughts.
> Jimmy Katynski
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