Re: [CR] Rims (now Marcus Coles' response)

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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 13:00:08 -0500
From: "earle.young" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Rims (now Marcus Coles' response)

Marcus wrote:

"For readily available current clincher rims that would not look out of place with CR time frame hubs these might deserve a look. And as a more expensive alternative: (Scroll down to rims) I have not tried building with either of these rims, but both companies are well regarded. With a couple of misleading repro stickers, the casual glance of even an expert might be fooled. Not that I am condoning such a misrepresentation."

I have built wheels with both of these rims. The Velo Orange is a slightly more modern take on the Mavic MA-2. It is a double wall, single eyelet rim, brightly polished, but noticably deeper in cross section than the MA - 2. The wheels built well, to a pretty high and even tension. I would not hesitate to recommend these as rider rims for a classic bike from the early '70s on.

I built a few of the Grand Bois rims that are copies of the Super Champion No. 58. The look is closer to vintage than the VO rims. I no longer do business with Jan Heine, so have no further comment.

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