[CR] 2nd Annual Americane' Vintage Track & Road Bike Festival- this Sat!

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Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 12:43:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Peter Naiman" <hetchinspete1@yahoo.com>
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I will definitely be bringing the 1938 Anglo Continental as a NOS 1965 Hetchins Track bike purchased from Eddie Albert last year, a fairly rare  1972 Hetchins Hellenic and possibly the 39 Trio which has never been in the light of day before. It is the only one of two surviving and fully unrestored. If I had a truck I'd bring everything out. I may bring a frame or so to sell, depending on how much room is in my hatchback.

Regards and see you Saturday.  Peter

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Thanks for posting that Tim,  This year is shaping up to be much more  populated ... more people and a lot more bikes. 

Peter Naiman is coming in from Wisconsin, bringing several of his  Hetchins, and perhaps a refinished 1938 Anglo, still undergoing  work. 

Greg Parker and Bicycle Classics will be there with a few examples of  pre-war track iron, and lots of NOS goodies, both consumable (like brake lever  hoods, bar tape, freewheels etc.) and non-consumable (like NOS Campagnolo,  MKS, etc. components).

In addition to those mentioned above, other bikes expected  to be on display or being ridden on the track: 1974 Schwinn Paramount Track - robin's egg blue early 1960s Legnano Pista - Legnano green 1959 Olmo - first gen Campagnolo cranks 1982 Poccianti - tricolore 1975 Colnago Super - pantographed 1981-2 Eddy Merckx with Super Record 1970s Norco Monshee Magnum Track - Canadian with long lug points (a  CCM company, I think) 1960s or 70s Lygie Jr. - child's road racer 1973 Colnago Super - green, pantographed / milled 1984 Torpado SLX with special components 1977 Raleigh Professional - blue mink 1984ish Trek 660 - celeste 1970s Torpado Pista 1973 Schwinn "Pino-mount" Track - Pino Morroni modified Paramount  frame 1980s Colnago Profil CX - full chrome with all black Super  Record    1980s Colnago Mexico with HERMANN decals 1980s Guerciotti Pista - pantographed, special Campagnolo  components 1960 Avanti Track - beautiful blue anodized Altenburger hubs, Stronglight,  etc. 1960s Schwinn Paramount road bikes - one purple, one blue 1982 Colnago Super - un-built, brand new Mark Bolish refinish in  black 1955 Flying Scot Road/Path Racer c.1900-1910 road bike (name not known) 1980s Cinelli SC with C-Record 1990 Barry Riopelle - Detroit KOF with flanged lugs, and gorgeous flip-flop Mark Bolish paint job ...and many others not listed.

Some of the bikes or frames mentioned (and some that were not  mentioned) will be for sale!  The swap meet should produce lots of  bits, jerseys, wheels, and goodies .. large and small. 

Vintage bikes will abound on the velodrome, including some informal time  trial competition (watch me get beaten by Tim P. at the Flying 200m); but  not all will be going super fast ... most will just be riding to  enjoy.  If you want to ride the track but don't have a track  specific bike (required), they have (modern) rentals there for just  $5!  Bring your shoes with SPD cleats, or failing that, bring your  shoes and preferred pedals.  Swapping them out is easy and quick. 

A full Saturday of fun, beginning at 12pm ... come out if you can!

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield, Michigan, USA ~ ~ ~

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 11:25:14 -0400 From: Tim Potter  <bikes@msu.edu> Subject: [CR] 2nd Annual Americane' Vintage Track &  Road Bike Festival- this Sat!

A last minute note for  those of you in Michigan or driving distance, pls. consider  coming:


2nd Annual Americane' Vintage Track  & Road Bike Festival July 3, 2010

The International Velodrome at  Bloomer Park - Rochester Hills, Michigan is proud to announce the 2nd year  of this ground-breaking event.

The Americane' Vintage Track & Road  Bike Festival is a show, ride and swap meet bringing together vintage track  and road cycling enthusiasts from around the country. Vintage bikes in  multiple categories are invited, covering a full century of cycling. The swap  meet will feature amazing collections of both retro and modern cycling gear.  Look for that one-of-a-kind part at The Americane'!? The show and display  will give browsers and enthusiasts a chance to connect over vintage cycling  equipment and bicycles of every kind. Get your tubular tires glued-up and  ready for riding those classic track bikes on the velodrome!

Some  photographic highlights by Tim Potter from 2009 ... the first  annual: http://picasaweb.google.com/flyingdutchman63/Americane2009Highlights  This event coincides with some of the highest level, most exciting velodrome/  track racing in the nation, the UIV / NAS-Track International 3 Day  Series!

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 10 AM: Track opens - Track 101 classes  start. FREE to first timers! Required for beginners and those who haven't  ridden a steep-banked track or haven't ridden track in a number of  years; depending on turnout, this class may be repeated. (Modern loaner bikes  are available, and are also FREE to first timers!) Noon:  Check-in/registration and setup. Noon - 5 PM: Vintage track riding and  events, by availability and skill of participants. (Be sure to bring your own  helmet and SPD shoes if you're planning to use a loaner bike) 2 PM: Swap  meet & show begins. Continues through the evening. 5-7:30 PM: Clear the  track for NAS-Track International 3 Day race prep & warm-ups 7:30-10  PM: UIV / NAS-Track International 3 Day racing, with vintage track exhibition  during race breaks.

COSTS: * Swap meet and show are FREE for display,  vendors and viewers - but donations to the non-profit Velodrome Fund to help  with operational expenses & maintenance are most welcome! * Track  riding is FREE, special for this event (normally $10 for  returning non-members). * Bike rental is $5, also specially priced for  this event (normally $10 for returning non-members). * Entry fee to  Bloomer Park is $5 per car (it's a Rochester Hills  city park).

Contacts: Mark Agree, Fujifish1@aol.com Dale Hughes,  dale@nas-track.com International Velodrome at Bloomer Park:?  http://www.velodromeatbloomerpark.com/ Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid1708580176135

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