[CR] 1973 Paramount Tandem: Posting Exclusive to CR

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From: "JB Froke" <jbfroke@mac.com>
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2010 21:50:02 -0700
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] 1973 Paramount Tandem: Posting Exclusive to CR

1973 Paramount Tandem: For Sale and Posted Here (CR), Exclusively --

First and exclusively to the CR List, I am offering for sale my 1973 Schwinn Paramount Tandem: Model T22 (Double Men\u2019s), serial no. GJ805909. This is a beautifully cared for bike that is in no less than fantastic condition. When I bought it, it was said to have fewer than 800 miles, believably; and, it has not been ridden since. The Flamboyant Red frame is 21\u201dF/21\u201dR (c-c) and shows minor stone chips, only (some are touched-up with matching nail polish). Decals range from perfect on most to minor chipping on the fewer.

Cranksets, pedals, and seatposts are Campagnolo; Transmission is Schwinn/Huret Le Tour; Huret rear drop-outs; Hubs are Phil Wood, as are the Disk Brakes that supplement the original Mafac cantilevers; Barcons are Schwinn-approved Suntour; Both bars are Cinelli (stoker\u2019s are new lightweight city-bars), and stoker\u2019s stem is Pivo; Matching Continental\u2019 Super Sport\u2019 tires on (R) Super Champion and (F) ABT SunRims; Spokes are beautifully tied and soldered; Seats are (C) Turbo Bernard Hinault and (S) Avocet; Matching toe-straps are REG.

Asking $1,800.00 + shipping; but, would be delighted if you pick it up at my house -- so much so that under that circumstance I\u2019d let it go at $1,600 OTD. Or, I can deliver to SoCal (Dana Point), where I stay monthly. Otherwise, I recall a recent CR discussion re shipping tandems by train -- seems a reasonably sound idea.


JB Froke
Pebble Beach CA