[CR] Report: Americane' 2010 - 2nd annual

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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 02:28:30 EDT
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Subject: [CR] Report: Americane' 2010 - 2nd annual

This year's Americane' Vintage Track & Road Bike Festival, our second one, is in the books. We had a "record" turnout, with perhaps three times more bikes than last year, or more. All told there were, I think, well over 70 complete bikes and frames on display, and/or for sale. The five following awards were given for: Best Original Road, Best Original Track, Best Refinished Road, Best Refinished Track, and Peoples' Choice. I will list the winners of these awards, at the end the list of bikes in each category below.

Links to photos are below. Some great bikes and frame sets came and went before the official list of display entries was compiled, and many more were not registered for display, but the official list broken down by category, yet in no particular order within is as follows:

Original Road: Schwinn 1964 Paramount, full chrome Moser 1980 road racer, medium blue Guerciotti 1980, yellow ALAN 1980, silver aluminum and black Raleigh 1974 Professional, silver mink Colnago 1975 Super, dark red - pantographed parts Torpado 1986 Superlight, team celeste - C-Record 8spd. gruppo Eddy Merckx 1981 (top of the line), dark red Cinelli 1989-90 SC, electric blue - C-Record 8spd. gruppo Paris 1982 Galibier, dark red -radical geometry & tube design Simmons 1900-1910 military type, green - giant chain ring & single cog Raleigh 1977 Professional, blue mink - missing non-drive side crank & looking for a 170mm replacement! Tommasini 1995 Comp, white/silver "Retinato" - never ridden, fish-net type paint transitions Thompson 1987 Time Trial, red - forward sloping top tube geometry Trek 1987 560, celeste blue Schwinn 1963~ Paramount, purple Bottecchia 1970-72 (bike boom), orange - replacement chrome fork Louison Bobet 1967 touring, copper (burnt umber) Raleigh 1962 Gran Sport tour, dark gold Peugeot 1974 PX-10, white Cinelli 1990 Max, "screaming" neon pink - Columbus MAX tubing Hetchins 1984, gold - fancy lugs Riopelle, Barry 1991~, flip-flop purple - flanged (finned?) lugs & b.b. shell, frame only Cinelli 1963 SC, red - frame only Schwinn 1986-87 Prologue Time Trial, red white & blue - forward sloping top tube geom. Torpado 1984 SLX, gray/blue - delivered in May 1984, very early use of SLX tubing Colnago 1973 Super, green - Italian market, milled gruppo Bianchi 1990s, celeste green Hermann 1982 "Mexico", white - Colnago built, Mexico crimped tubing Assenmacher 1980s tour, dark color - 67cm frame! *** WINNER of Best Original Road: Cinelli 1990 MAX - Dennis Vankeersbilck ***

Original Track:

Oscar Wastyn 1937 Six-Day, full chrome - just before Schwinn Paramount Drysdale 1946 Special, red - some slightly newer parts Schwinn 1964 Paramount, full chrome Paris-Sport 1960s? Junior Racer, red - IVBP rental bike "Trek" 1980s Serotta built, red & white - Connie Paraskevin 1980s Nat.Champ, Danielle Mullis 2009 Nat. Champ 13 yr. old Legnano 1964~ Tipo Roma? Pista, Legnano green - binder bolt in front of seat tube, below top tube Gios Torino 1976 Pista, red - stunning example Cinelli 1965~ Tandem Pista, orange - as seen last year, and ridden on track both years Torpado 1974~ Pista, dark red - training type with stamped track ends & fork tips, cottered cranks Guerciotti 1982 Pista, red - pantographed, gorgeous & gaudy yellow highlights Schwinn 1974 Paramount P-14, silver Viner 1980~ Pista, white Batavus 1984 Professional Track, red Maeda 1987 NJS, sky blue - former Keirin racer in Japan, frame only Peloton 1985~ NJS, red - former Keirin racer in Japan, frame only Bianchi 1987 Pista, black Marinoni 1980s Pista, chrome & cherry Norco Monshee 1976~ Magnum Track, white - Canadian built, long point lugs, mixed French group Schwinn 1974 Paramount P-14, robin's egg blue *** WINNER of Best Original Track: Marinoni 1980s - Russ St. John ***

Restored Road: Lygie 60s Junior Racer, dark blue - Mark Bolish refinish, Campagnolo Velox gruppo Olmo 1959 Special?, silver/gray - Matt Assenmacher refinish, Campag G.S. with first version Rec. cranks Mondonico 1990s, dark blue - A.M. factory refinish with yellow replacement fork, Record 8 spd. Ergo gruppo Colnago 1981 Super, black - Mark Bolish repaint - un built, unused since repaint Flying Scot 1955 Road/Path, green - old Wolverine Sports Club "pass around", pointed fork tips, track ends *** WINNER of Best Restored Road: Olmo 1959 G.S. - Jerome Jones ***

Restored Track: LeJeune 1970s Track, red - Ed Gostin decals, unlisted painter Unknown American 1940s~ Track, burgundy - beautiful wood rims Schwinn 1973 "PINO-mount" P-14 Track, dark blue - Pino Morroni early rod stiffeners & respray, no decals *** WINNER of Best Restored Track: LeJeune early 1970s - Ed Gostin ***

Peoples' Choice, (by overwhelming majority!): *** WINNER of PEOPLES' CHOICE: Cinelli 1965~ Tandem Pista - Russ St. John ***

Link to Tim Potter's photos "Bikes & misc. scenes": <http://picasaweb.google.com/flyingdutchman63/2ndAnnualAmericaneVintageTrack RoadBikeFestivalBikesMiscScenes#>

Link to Tim Potter's photos "People & action" <http://picasaweb.google.com/flyingdutchman63/2ndAnnualAmericaneVintageTrack RoadBikeFestivalPeopleAction#>

Link to Aaron Gonya's photos: <http://picasaweb.google.com/A.W.Gonya/AnnualAmericaneVintageTrackAndRoadBik eFestival7310#>

Some video footage was taken by Bob Zeichner, mostly showing track riding, but it is not yet ready for posting to the Internet. I'll forward that link when it exists.

Some current and former CR members showed, including but not necessarily limited to: Jimmy Katynski, Tim Potter whose help in putting on the event was immeasurable, Greg Parker & wife, Matt Churches, Bob Chmara, Burl Simon, Gene Diggs and Philip Huyghe. Honorable mention goes to Kurt Martin for his assistance in making and distributing fliers, helping with planning decisions, and participating in judging, and announcing winners, Aaron Gonya for taking additional photos, and Bob Zeichner for operating the cam-corder. A great number of other local people brought out their old goods, and played a part. Some buying and trading occurred at the swap tables, but supplies were still a bit limited.

We're still working out a lot of bugs, but the Americane' was a real success this round, and should get better and better in the coming years! Thanks to all who showed, and regrets to all who would have liked to attend, but were unable to make it.

Mark Agree
Southfield, Michigan, USA