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I think that bike is one that Ken Denny may be selling. Interestingly, I have several fotos of Jeannie Omelenchuck and great competitive rival Nancy Neiman with many other ladies at the start of the women's race at the 1955 Tour Of Somerville, N.J. Can't tell if it's on that bike but George Omelenchuck her husband built all her bikes and it could be the machine on sale. One of the pics shows the gals lined up, George holding her and the first Hall Of Fame Member, "Pop" Kugler introducing her to the spectators. An historic foto, indeed!! George O. was the trainer for Erv Pesek and I in the Chicago 6-Day race in 1957. Cycling was a smaller but just as intense a world back in those days much to
people's surprise.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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> Anybody care to comment on the Omelenchuk on ebay.
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