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I agree, I have a 1978 Team Champion. Mine has Huret (Campy 1010B style) rear dropouts with an integral cable stop. It uses a clamp on down tube cable guide instead of braze-ons.

The quality level on Motobecane Team Champions went downhill between 1977 and the early 80s.

From 1974 to 1976 TCs were BIC orange. In 1977 they were sky blue and used Reynolds 753 tubing. They were light metallic blue like the bike in the auction in 1978 and 79. In the early 80s the quality and cosmetics improved drastically. TCs came in a dark blue metallic color for a number of years.

I have a 1978 TC and a 1982 TC. An orange 1974-76 TC is on my bucket list! I have 2 lilac 1974ish Le Champions which I think have the same frame as the TCs from those years except for the chrome socks on the fork blades. One of them may just have to became orange! ;-)

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

> Not mine, but a nice looking Team Champion (although I think it is a 1979 not a 1978) none the less. 58cm and currently has an $800 bid.
> Number 220637268419
> No relation, yada yada.....
> Chuck Brooks
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