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As a landlord I have had a number of experiences with rank smells including the aroma of a skunk which froze to death under under the floor of a seasonal cottage.. The smell started to rise with the onset of spring temperatures. What I use most often for getting rid of odors is a product called "Nilodor". It comes in a tiny bottle and is applied by the drop onto a cotton ball. You leave it inside and it absorbs the odor. The most recent bottle I bought was from a hardware store.

You can also put a cup or so of baking soda inside a clean old sock, and place it inside the bag and let it absorb the odor. Another method for using baking soda is to rub the article (inside) with dry baking soda. Leave it for a day or two, and then brush it out. Crumpled dry newspaper will also absorb odors.

Ed Bratt
Regina, Saskatchewan

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