[CR] FS: garage sale 2.0

Example: Racing:Beryl Burton
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 16:58:58 -0700
From: "Joe Bunik" <jbunik@gmail.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] FS: garage sale 2.0


Once again in an awkward binge/purge phase- and so I need to clear out the extra stuff (some nicer, some user) to pay off the debt. Some items might be tangential OT/verboten here, I apologize in advance if so.

Shipping not included, paypal via the personal tab welcomed. Let me know if I am off in my prices. Some pics available now (on req), willing to provide more tonight.

------- - Ideale '80' Record saddle, $125 Used, good shape with slight sit-bone depressions. Reddish brown. Thickest saddle leather I've ever owned, solid as a rock.

- Brooks B-17 Narrow, $85 Antique brown. Near-new, mounted and used for < 50 miles. Black rails. A slight scratch or two (moreso in the color of the finish) from storage. Just didn't fit for me.

- Selle San Marco Regal, $85 White perforated with copper rivets and rails. Some light use, but was deemed too nice to be "used up" on a rider.

- Selle San Marco Regal, $65 Black/brown buffalo(?) grained leather. Used, but still in good shape. Some edge wear and tear, and some black electrical tape added by me to patch that.

- Selle Italia Turbo, $40 Black. Used, great shape and no notable wear.

- TA Pro-5-Vis "cyclotourist" arms, $85 Used, some wear from front derailer rub. British threaded, 170mm length. No stickers.

- Sugino GP cranks, $45 Used, good condition, nice bright satin anodized. 144bcd. 52x42.

- Suntour Cyclone GT long cage rear derailer, $30 Used, but nice and clean.

- GB Maes bars, 42cm, $30 Gold anodized sleeve with nice engravings, unfortunately slightly stem scuffed.

- Misc Nitto, Philippe and Belleri bars, $10/ea Leftovers as pictured here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66275745@N00/sets/72157623822452544/detail/

- Cinelli "new logo" T-jersey, $25 Medium, old-NOS, 3 pockets, RED with new-C-logo, tried-on but non-used.

- Detto Pietro shoes, $30 NOS/NIB, Size 47 (approx. 12.5 US), slotted cleats

=- Joe Bunik
Walnut Creek, California USA