[CR] PICS: c.1983 Colnago Profil CX - full chrome, black Campy SL

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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 00:27:15 EDT
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Subject: [CR] PICS: c.1983 Colnago Profil CX - full chrome, black Campy SL

I just finished a complete overhaul and detail job on a friend's 1980s Colnago. I think it is a Profil CX model, featuring crimped top and down tubes, and CX type fork crown with flattened fork blades, but I'm wondering if anyone can confirm. Link to photos at Wool Jersey is below my description. This bike is NOT for sale.

The owner, Rotem, bought it from a local shop (now long gone) in the 1980s with blemished paint, along with what he remembers are duplicate replacement decals. He had the frame completely chromed, decals applied, and it looked beautiful. However, he has stored it in his Michigan garage all these years, and with changes in temperature and moisture levels, the chrome finish has suffered mightily. This is a ride hard and put up wet bike ... a tool, and only a tool. He appreciates the beauty, but "Rot" (pronounced like "Rote") rides the hell out of it, throws it into the garage, and doesn't give the bike another thought until it's time to pump up the tires for the next ride.

The bike is Campagnolo Super Record equipped, with close but varying component dates (83 rear der, 82 cranks, 80 front and 78 rear hubs), and Rotem is not sure where they came from anymore. He had the cranks, brakes, and seat post anodized black before applying them to the frame after chroming. The chain is a Regina CX, and the freewheel is a 19t large, Suntour Winner. What cannot be seen, is a later version Campy TI bottom bracket that has held up wonderfully to Rotem's "big diesel" pedaling style, similar to that of Jan Ulrich. The Stronglight, black aluminum, roller bearing headset is still in perfect functional condition, and was very easy to service and re-install ... I gotta' get me one of them!

The hoods are shot and long gone, so I left the bar tape that Rot put on in place of them. The rims look similar, but one is a Mavic SSC, while the other is a Saturne. The Brooks saddle is dried, and the nose is pointing up a bit, but Rotem seems to be comfortable with it. There is a suitcase of a bag clamped onto the seat post, where he carries two spare tubular tires, inflator accessories, etc.

Can anyone please confirm if this is a Profil CX, or maybe a Mexico, etc.? http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/fujifish1/FriendsBikes/RotG/ColProfCX/

Thanks for the look and opinions. Next up on the bike stand: Rotem's original 1972 Cinelli SC!

Mark Agree
Southfield, Michigan, USA