[CR] Eddy Merckx team track bike, and Campagnolo pista parts for sale.

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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 18:27:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: "starmichael bowman" <starmichaelbowman@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] Eddy Merckx team track bike, and Campagnolo pista parts for sale.

Hi again all, It has been a while since i posted, and last time i promised to let everyone know how UBI's frame building class was. I promise i will get to that, but first i've been buying everything cool i see on craigslist and ran out of money to work on collecting some used frame jigs and cutting/facing tools to start building myself and some friends some hot KOF bikes! so back on the chopping block goes my nice stash! I am also open to trades for frame building jigs, parts, tools and the like. also if you know of anyone with some old jigs sitting around in the Portland area spread the word that I'm looking. Thanks what i have for sale is: one Eddy Merckx team track bike, from the sticker on the fork steer tube i believe it to be a 1983 bike. It is 57x56 was rumored to have been raced in New York for most of its life (passed down through three racers hands, the last sold the bike to me), and it has two layers of bad (read, cheap and chipping), paint jobs sitting over the original. there is only one dent i have been able to find and it is so tiny you have to feel for it while twisting the bike in the light to see it. it is the standard track bike dent on the tt, probably form the handle bars swinging around. I bought the bike as a frame and fork, and have put together a full Campagnolo Super Record track group for it, the stem is a perfect new logo Cinelli 2A in 130, with Cinelli new logo pista bars. the head set is SR alloy with steal inserts and brand new Phil grease with grade 25 bearings. the Hubs are SR pista 36 hole to what were NOS Grey Mavic Ma3's (never had a brake on them and look showroom perfect, almost no miles on them). the seat post is iether the rare aero SR, or C-Record aero in 27.2 (the seat post has a hole drilled in it under the minimum line, but is very nice other than that). the saddle is a brown buffalo unicanitor in good rider condition with all logos still clearly visible. The cranks are both 167.5 pista, but one is date code 82 and the other date code 83. 50 tooth SR chainring 1/8, and pista chainring bolts. the peddals are black with scuffed up plastic Campagnolo caps (the pedals are perfect and i think someone did a dust cap swap before selling them to me. The cages were, untill installed, NIB steal Campagnolo M with the toe tab (i will also include the box). the straps were also NOS Eddy Merckx, but the glue didn't hold and they are separating. the rims are clinchers and the tires are just some mixed matched road tiers i had sitting around, 700x23 and they just fit! the only other not correct part is the Euro Asia 19 tooth cog also 1/8. if you have any question about the bike or would like to see pics or come test ride it feel free to email me for my number or to have me send pics. I am asking 2,200 for the bike plus shipping.

Next up i have a Campagnolo "No" Record rear track wheel laced to a Velocity rim. the last owner had NOS races and cones installed, and i have the old ones to prove it (included in the sale). I'm asking $200 for the wheel. it also has a non Campagnolo lock ring and I'm not sure about the track nuts, i mean they're there but not sure if they are the correct ones.

I also have a NIB set of record pista hubs in 28 hole with correct nuts and lock ring. $300

all prices are plus actual shipping, paypal is fine too. please email if you have any questions, and i promise to get some pics of my first hand built bike up soon! I built it super KOF (to the dismay of the teachers at bike school!) I have collected a very nice rider Nuovo triple group, Phil hubs and bb, and Mafac cantis! thanks again for reading my post. and please spread the word about used frame and fork jigs. thanks

StarMichael Bowman
Portland OR USA