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Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 15:20:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fred Rednor <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Rare bottom bracket widths

I wish I could remember which manufacturer was guilty of this "offense", but in the 1970s there was one vendor of frame building materials who routinely supplied BB shells that were listed as 68mm but which were in fact 2 to 3mm narrower.

When using these BB shells, frame builders who were friends of mine (there were only 2, to be honest) used 1mm or 2mm spacers between the fixed cup and the frame. This allowed the use of a standard bottom bracket.

Surely someone out there recalls which supplier of lugs and BB shells was the guilty party?
     Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)

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\r?\n> That 65 mm width could just be a screw up, too much taken

\r?\n> off faces during manufacturing, I have seen brand new

\r?\n> unbuilt shells that approached that width. This is not

\r?\n> uncommon.


\r?\n> In reality you should be able to use a 68 mm bb in it,

\r?\n> realizing that it's only 1.5 mm per side, not that

\r?\n> significant in the big scheme of things.. maybe during set

\r?\n> up you might want to use a spacer (FW shim) under the fixed

\r?\n> cup to fine tune chain line, but even that may not be

\r?\n> necessary...




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\r?\n> Greetings list members,


\r?\n> I have a new-to-me track bicycle that has a bottom bracket

\r?\n> shell width

\r?\n> of 65mm. A quick Googling reveals that this is a very

\r?\n> uncommon size,

\r?\n> but also that Campagnolo made a spindle for it: 65-P-120. I

\r?\n> haven't

\r?\n> measured the pitch of the threads.


\r?\n> Can anyone tell me more about this bottom bracket size? The

\r?\n> frame is

\r?\n> an early 70s Eisentraut. I suppose this is also a Want to

\r?\n> Buy post.


\r?\n> Thank you.


\r?\n> Steve Cortez

\r?\n> Alameda, CA