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Hi Luis, I used to sell the Windsor bicycles you asked about. They were distributed in the USA by a company owned by Rosendo Padilla. More about the bikes in a minute, but I'd like to say something about Mr Padilla.

Over thirty years in business has left some strong memories, good and bad, of the people who I've dealt with. Mr. Padilla is remembered fondly by me. I was just a young buck and still not wise in the ways of the world when I bought my bike shop. The Windsor company was local to me so they would bring the bikes to my shop. I would write a check each time. After a while, they just had me sign for the bikes. That was fine in some ways, but after a while, I owed more than I could write a check for. I came up with an idea and asked Mr. Padilla if he'd be OK with me paying for the bikes I received each time and adding at least one hundred dollars to the amount until my balance was paid off. What a cool dude!

The bikes consisted of the Carrera, Super Carrera, Competition and Pro as I recall. The Carrera and Super Carrera were made of some pretty mundane tubing but they had chrome Nervex inspired lugs and good geometry.

I was proud to sell the bikes. Only thing about them is, you shouldn't ride one in Arizona. You may get pulled over and checked out. They are very Mexican.

Chuck Hoefer
Pacific Coast Cycles
Oceanside, Calif

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> I am interested in learning anything I can about Windsor bicycles, a line
> made in Mexico in the 1970's and later. The current Windsor line has no
> direct link beyond the name. I own a 1980 Super Carrera with original
> components. If anyone knows of any information sources beyond the CR
> website, please let me know.
> Luis O. Krug
> Sulphur, Oklahoma