[CR] FS: Bertin C56 Track Frame/parts

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From: Benjamin Butler <benbutler78@hotmail.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 17:04:32 -0400
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Subject: [CR] FS: Bertin C56 Track Frame/parts

Offering to the list this Bertin C56 track frame and fork, circa 1965.

Measures 54.5cm square (seattube and toptube measured C-C)

The frame has lots of patina from many years of use, but is straight with no dents or cracks. It built from double-butted Durifort tubing, has Bocama lugs and crimped seatstay caps. The paint still has some lovely pinstriping detail and all the original decals, but a previous owner made the decision to paint the headtube lugs, forkends, dropouts, and seatstay caps black. The ears on the seatcluster are also somewhat bent. These could perhaps be bent back with some skill (?). So - it could use a restoration, but I rode it as-is for quite some time and found it to be a lovely ride. It's quick and responsive, and definitely has that "lively" quality French frames are known for.

The bike comes with the original Lightrace headset, a Stronglight Competition bottom bracket, the original seatpost and a French-diameter stem. Spacing is 120mm rear, 96mm front.

Pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bbutler/sets/72157624303847683/

Asking $200 + shipping for frame & parts. (shipping is generally under $30 for a frame in the CONUS)


Ben Butler
Brooklyn, NY USA