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Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 09:59:33 -0700
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Respectfully, I would like to put in my 2 cents. Steel rides like steel no matter whether it's 531, 753, nivacrom, or unobtanium. The (basic) differences are in the strength of the material. The stronger the material, the thinner they can make the walls, and thus the lighter they can make the tubes. If you took a bike with the same geometry, and tubes of different material, say 753 and Prestige, but with the same dimensions, and wall thickness, you wold not be able to tell the difference. I promise! It is ALL in the geometry and dimensions of the steel that make the ride, not the perceived qualities of the material.

Also, as we all know, the paint job is what really most effects the ride quality ;) Cheers, Keith

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Subject: Re: [CR] Frame "stiffness"
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I believe that the vast majority of "comfort" on a bicycle frame comes from the rider's fit to the bicycle. Also, my view has an unexplainable (by me, at least) relationship to the wheelbase of the bike. If I am pressed to put it into words, I'd say that it has to do with where the rider's mass is in relation to the wheelbase.

Of course there are differences among frame material characteristics. Materials that have been used successfully for frames are subject to being made within the narrow parameters that will make a workable bike. I'm really trying to say that the differences are smaller than the flex in the tires and wheels. This doesn't serve the marketplace very well. It needs to have us believe that some frame materials have a quality that is better than others. Even if they do, the rider's position on the bike is where comfort comes from. I don't expect this idea to sit well with some people, so it can be chalked up with my idea that Marketing Driven Folklore makes us ignore some obvious truths.

I don't mean nay disrespect to anyone who doesn't agree with this and I don't say it to make anyone wrong. It is just my idea and a little info to support it.

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>I have been following the thread with interest. I have a '93 Reynolds 753
> Paramount which I have had from new. I really feel a bit beaten up on the
> last
> half of a century. I'm not sure if it is the geometry or the tube set, but
> I
> don't find it to be a plush ride, as others seem to. I have been
> contemplating
> replacing it with an earlier SLX version.
> I would be interested in any comments or suggestions.
> Tony Taylor
> Manchester NH