[CR] MASI 3V's

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From: "Peter Koskinen" <prkbikes1@mac.com>
To: Lou <loudeeter@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 20:41:53 -0400
Cc: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org, Jon@FAI.US
Subject: [CR] MASI 3V's


There were 2 prototypes shown at the NYC BIKE SHOW at the Columbus Circle Colosseum (now Jacob Javits Center). I had the opportunity to buy one as I as the 4th largest Masi dealer in the USA and Lou from Toga bought the other (Lou has sinced passed on and the store has changed hands)

That frame that I spoke of is currently getting a ground up restoration. Soon it will come out to see the light again. This proto type was built with Excell with a Columbus fork decal to appease the folks at Columbus that were hounding Faliero (Masi) and the Alberto to use their tubing.

The newer USA versions were built with Columbus or whatever Ted had laying around before the company went belly up.

in the meantime I have 2 other Masi 3V's for sale. While both are actually a bit off the "time Period" as it is..... a Milano 3V Wing with the lug butting filed off for the extra clean look and the other is the urple (burp) Team decaled bike that was done in the early 90's to promote the frames while they were under torelli's banner.

I also have a 3V fork that I would like to part with. its even painted that Team urple (burp)

Another 100 degree day here in the Piedmont....

Peter Koskinen
Chapel Hill, NC