Re: [CR] Are tubulars obsolete on off-topic race bikes?

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Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 20:48:19 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Are tubulars obsolete on off-topic race bikes?

I said "that race", which was earlier this year, but I failed to mention the name ... which was the very old, very classic Paris-Roubaix.

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he rode FMB tubulars...

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\r?\n> It was reported on Versus that Fabian

\r?\n> Cancellara rode specially hand made

\r?\n> tubulars for that race ... which he won (whether with or

\r?\n> without a bottom

\r?\n> bracket motor hidden in his seat tube). A few years

\r?\n> ago while Lance was

\r?\n> still on top, it was reported on OLN (now Versus) that all

\r?\n> of the team's

\r?\n> tubulars were stored for something like months or even two

\r?\n> years IIRC, partially

\r?\n> inflated in stacks, in a dark, cool basement, and

\r?\n> they showed footage of

\r?\n> it ... probably on "The Lance Chronicles" or the

\r?\n> like. I'd say that our

\r?\n> beloved tubulars are still very much a part of modern

\r?\n> professional racing,

\r?\n> even at the highest level.


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\r?\n> Subject: [CR] Are tubulars obsolete on off-topic race

\r?\n> bikes?

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\r?\n> Here's something that I wonder about regarding the

\r?\n> kind of tires used in

\r?\n> road racing in the classic era compared to the

\r?\n> present. From what I

\r?\n> recall, in the early 1980s racers always used

\r?\n> tubulars unless they were

\r?\n> just starting out and couldn't afford them or were

\r?\n> overwhelmed by the

\r?\n> maintenance required. However, in that decade fast,

\r?\n> lightweight

\r?\n> clinchers were starting to appear. From that time

\r?\n> onwards, more and more

\r?\n> serious road riders switched to the new clinchers and

\r?\n> more racers used

\r?\n> them. Something I've always heard about tubulars is

\r?\n> that with all other

\r?\n> things being equal, such as weight, section,

\r?\n> materials, tread and rim

\r?\n> weight, they were still faster and felt livelier than

\r?\n> clinchers. So,

\r?\n> what I want to know is, do pro racers today still

\r?\n> mostly use tubulars?

\r?\n> Certainly, they wouldn't have to worry about changing

\r?\n> them or fixing

\r?\n> them themselves. In today's stage of the Tour, George

\r?\n> Hincapie said he

\r?\n> had to ride one kilometre on a flat tire before he

\r?\n> got a new wheel. One

\r?\n> of the advantages of tubulars I've heard is that

\r?\n> they're not as

\r?\n> dangerous and squirrelly to ride when flat. Would the

\r?\n> teams in the Tour

\r?\n> be using tubulars on clinchers? This may sound

\r?\n> off-topic, but it's the

\r?\n> tires I want to know about. I know that many classic

\r?\n> bike owners have

\r?\n> switched to clinchers for ease of maintenance, even

\r?\n> though the bikes

\r?\n> originally came with tubulars.


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